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When Hamish Coates wanted to start a brewery on his family’s fifth generation farm, he faced an immediate challenge: how could he power all that new machinery?

As an ardent supporter of sustainable farming practices, Hamish’s plan for Rocky Ridge Brewing was always to use solar power in order to go off grid – eventually. But when he realised the cost of extending power from his father’s dairy farm to where he was setting up the brewery he started to rethink things.

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Whisky Freedom

For those that love whisky Dram Full’s Whisky Freedom is an event not too be missed. Happening in Perth on Saturday the 23rd on June at the Parmelia Hilton.

Whisky Freedom 2017 was THE independent whisky event of Perth with rave reviews from everyone who was there, both exhibitors and attendees! This year we’re back with a vengeance, featuring the largest collection of independent bottlers and small craft distilleries to be exhibited in Australia. If you feel like you know what whisky is all about. If you feel like you’ve experienced it all, then you’re wrong because we’ve got some surprises for you!

We revel in the single cask whiskies! The weird and the wonderful! The one off bottlings! The whiskies no one else in Perth will open, we will! Over 50 special offerings from a dozen brands, opening their special releases.

For full details check out their website and facebook page.

Corporate Accounts

Need to organise drinkers for your upcoming office event or just to get you through Friday afternoon? We have got you sorted. We offer free local delivery and can arrange delivery for a small fee to all Perth locations.

Want to reward your clients? We can do that too! We can create custom gift packs to suit your needs and budget on request.

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